A boxful of ideas

Creative intuitions and technical skills
to create impressive products


Italy, Pescara, Abruzzo. This is where we started. Circle Studio is a communication agency specializing in food communication and every day we listen.
You cannot be amazed without listening, our curiosity is kept alive by our passion for discussion.
We help our partners in the creation of their image, we tell their story and identity. The greatest innovation is being ourselves, in the ocean of liquid communication. We choose the direction, set goals together, with authenticity and lightness we tell your story through ideas that are conveyed through texts, creative graphic projects, images, videos, technology… and yes, we can also make catalogues and brochures :)
Working together is just the start of a journey.
What we can do for you
Our works are the best example of what we do. They sum up our journey through research and study in order to find the perfect solution for our clients. They represent a very important meeting point between our love for our job and the passion of who knocks on our door.

Masciarelli Vini Caseificio Di Pasquo Castello di Semivicoli Latteria del Curatino Cantina Ciavolich Trieste Pizza Caseificio Podere dei Leoni Azienda Vinicola Talamonti Pastificio De Cecco...

We sat at the table.

That’s where we get our best ideas

Everything is ready, the ingredients are not questionable, the recipes even less so. The dishes are unique, because they express a family, a city, a territory. In the household ceremony of cooking, taste comes before word and people start eating, sharing their day, discussing the daily events as well as what is going to happen and what shall be done. New ideas are born at the table.
“Fud”, celebrating the joy of living, admiring what is traditional but can become experimental and innovative.
We have brought all this into the first cooking lab in Abruzzo, a place where passion, professionalism and willingness to interact are on the same level, overcoming the limits of a typical restaurant.
The aim of “Fud” is to set up actual cultural workshops where different ideas can meet and create a new way to enjoy food, leaving the traditional idea of “eating” behind and providing a new perspective: “thinking, studying, loving, making, caring”.