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Trieste is the a true story of a family and their pizzettas. It all started in the 1950s with the entrepreneurial spirit of Gabriele Ciferni opening the “Trieste” beach resort in Pescara, Italy. Over the years “Trieste’s pizzettas”, easily identified by their size and taste, have become synonymous with the highest quality fast food.


The work with Trieste Pizza was one of the most stimulating of our path. It began in 2014, it has seen us engaged in the creation of an image increasingly focused on the company’s willingness to proudly transmit company principles and the infinite search for quality and attention to raw materials and the finished product. Principles transferred to an ever more attentive and demanding clientele, who is no longer satisfied with eating a simple pizza.
We accompanied Trieste with a complete identity project to the openings of the other stores in Italy, we communicated through videos, stores’ identity, photos, menu style, website, social networks, advertising campaigns.
With every possible means we have told the world that “there’s only one Trieste”.

Trieste Pizza Storia
Trieste Pizza Storia
Trieste Pizza pizzetta Alici & Pachino
Trieste Pizza logo 1958
Trieste Pizza brand identity
Trieste Pizza Riccardo Ciferni
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