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I fell in love with this place because there, between the mountains and the sea, I felt protected, I felt I had found my world“. This is how Francesco describes the land surrounding his farm. The sea a few kilometers and around hills, vineyards and olive groves immersed in the Abruzzo landscape of Atri. The farm is certified organic: over twenty hectares of land and a production that revolves entirely around respect for the natural cycles of olive groves, vineyards, fruit and vegetable crops and animal breeding. The rotation of the crops, the rest of the land, the fertilization and the grazing of the animals in freedom constitute some fundamental stages in the process of producing wine in amphora, oil, vegetables, fruit and meat.


With Francesco we worked on an unconventional corporate video, like his wines, that told about his company and his work without the need for pre-packaged stereotypes. The choice to never show the finished product or the typical gestures of the cellar, but to favor an introspective, profound vision, allowed Francesco to tell and tell his work, his origins as a winemaker, the reason for his choices, leaving the curiosity to uncork a bottle to find out more.

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