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DELIO 1946

Delio Ginestra – Villa Celiera, and Riccardo Ciferni – Pescara. Butcher for generations, Delio, lover of the quality of his products that he keeps and works in his country laboratory. Riccardo is a pizza artisan and passionate entrepreneur, bearer of the secrets of his father Gabriele. With him the unmistakable perfume of the pizzetta of Trieste in Pescara was born, which in its fillings has seen Delio’s products among the protagonists for years.

The entrepreneurial adventure of “Delio” was born in 2018 to offer barbecued meat and leavened products in the center of Pescara, together with the reinterpretation of the most traditional Abruzzo dishes.

Villa Celiera
Delio Arrosticini Villa Celiera
Delio Villa Celiera Interno
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Delio Villa Celiera Arrosticini
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For the “Delio” format, we took care of the creation of the identity, coordinating with the style of the restaurant, born from the hand of Leonardo De Carlo of the Leonardo Project studio, former architect for Niko Romito and other restaurants in the national territory. We helped Delio and Riccardo in choosing the courses on the menu. In view of the opening, we selected and trained the staff, then personally following the welcome and the relationship with the customers, we directed the photo shootings.

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