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The Ciavolich family, of Bulgarian origins, has an ancient story to tell. They were wool merchants – the Ciavolichs – who, to escape the advance of the Saracen invasions, sheltered in Italy in the town of Miglianico (Ch) around 1560. In 1853 Francesco Ciavolich built the first cellar in Miglianico, today one of the oldest and suggestive of Abruzzo, where to vinify the grapes coming from the surrounding lands on their own. At the end of the 1800s an important marriage marked the future turning of the farm on the Loreto Aprutino side.
Today Chiara Ciavolich continues to cultivate to transfer an ancient history over the centuries, through wine, the red thread connecting the past, present and future.

Vini Ciavolich sito web
Vini Ciavolich sito web


Chiara Ciavolich has chosen for years to entrust us with the communication of her company. Listening to her ideas, with the interpretation of her profound communion with the territory and her product idea, we manage to convey the soul of Chiara and her company through the care of the website, the production of all video content and photographic, the choice of printing materials and attention to detail in events.

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