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The original mission of quality has always been pursued and our inspiration remains today; from the choice of the best raw materials to the careful melting and roasting process. Despite the five generations of espresso coffee, we are still determined to improve and innovate“, so President Enrico Saquella defines his manifesto in a company that has been aiming for product quality since 1856, and now serves over 130 million cups of coffee each year in more than 40 countries worldwide.

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Thanks to a deep design work, in 2018 we launched the new online image of the Saquella company.
The new website is a fundamental tool for the different types of customers: thanks to it, bars, final consumers and importers can acquire all the information they need. Not only products for the HORECA and Consumer markets, but also services for bars and for the business world. Our collaboration continues on social networks and in trade fairs, to accompany Saquella on a path of renewal and enhancement of identity through its image.

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