Human relation is one of Circle’s core values.
We deeply believe that people sit at the table together to live an experience, to bring back home the positive memory of a moment.
To connect to people with a simple but deep link, beyond the concept of each event there is extreme complexity and attention to details. The ultimate end, feeling good.

We think and produce events for companies that give their customers or their collaborators an emotion. We are the founders of “FUD”, creators of “FARMER” and “BURGER CONTADINO”.

Eventi Castello di Semivicoli Gianni Dezio
Eventi emozionali food
Eventi Farmer Miglianico
Eventi - Convegno


Eventi Farmer Miglianico
Eventi Farmer Nicola Fossaceca
Eventi - Farmer Numana - Alessandro Rapisarda
Eventi Fud BR1
Eventi Farmer Formaggio Antonello Egizi
Eventi - Farmer - Alessandro Rapisarda Numana
Eventi Farmer Milano
Eventi Castello di Semivicoli
Eventi - Farmer - Duomo di Milano
Eventi - Farmer Gorizia - Gusti di Frontiera
Eventi Fud BR1
Eventi Fud BR1
Eventi Fud Fondazione Aria
Aromi Formazione Scuola
Aromi Formazione Scuola

Circle Food Communication is partner of the Aromi Formazione project, a professional training school in the food & beverage area. We provide our knowledges within the classes to convey to the attendees the importance of communication in the food & wine industry. The partnership with the School give us also the possibility of working within the school class rooms with our customers and with the interested audience by training and information activities about food and wine.